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The Language Club for Children, located in Dover, Massachusetts, is owned by Laura d'Angosse Perlman. Laura Perlman was born in Paris, France and since 1993 has enjoyed directing a highly regarded bilingual French/English Nursery school in the Boston area. As a result of witnessing the amazing progress young children have made in learning French, the program "Les aventures de Pouce et Poucette"™ was developed.

In a letter to parents Laura writes:

At the Language Club for Children, we understand that children have a natural desire to learn and explore at a very young age.

Our program is designed to enhance each child’s curiosity while encouraging him or her to develop a strong sense of pride and achievement. Exposure to a new language and new culture support this natural motivation while developing the child’s social skills and helping him or her build a better sense of tolerance for other cultures and traditions.

Our teaching program “Les aventures de Pouce et Poucette”™ places emphasis on oral expression and auditory comprehension. French is being introduced through interactive short stories featuring two five-year-olds from France named Pouce and Poucette. Each story is available on two different levels.

Many studies have shown that young children exposed to a foreign language are more likely to become proficient with native pronunciation. In addition to developing a life-long ability to communicate with a diverse range of people, they may derive other benefits including improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills.

Our program is designed to be an enjoyable learning experience and fun for the whole family. It can also be used in the car and/or incorporated into the child’s daily activities. This will make learning French an enriching experience for both children and their parents.

Let us help you provide your child with a very valuable gift. Learning the French language at a young age is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Laura d’Angosse Perlman,
Author and Publisher of
“Les aventures de Pouce et Poucette”™

Please Contact Us with any comments or questions you may have.

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