french language lesson, french as a second language, french language instruction
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Eight ten-page Storybooks support the audiocassette series. Each book has five scenes on the left-hand pages, which are beautifully illustrated in full color, and five interactive pages on the right. During each story, at the sound of a trumpet, children are asked to point to objects illustrated on the right-hand page with the Magic Wand. French music is used to signal when to turn each page.
french language lesson, french as a second language, french language instruction
Story 1
Two five-year-old twins from Paris, Pouce and Poucette, introduce themselves and their family members.
Children's French Book 2
Story 2
Pouce and Poucette go shopping at an open-air market in Paris, where they visit various vendors.
Children's French Book 3
Story 3
Pouce and Poucette are visiting their Uncle Paul at his farm outside of Paris. They go on a tractor ride and help their uncle feed the animals on the farm.
Children's French Book 4
Story 4
Pouce and Poucette are visiting the Eiffel Tower, where they buy souvenirs and eat lunch in the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

Story 5
Pouce and Poucette are having a “French breakfast” in their Paris home, with their parents.
Children's French Book 6
Story 6
Pouce and Poucette spend a day at kindergarten and participate in various classes such as music and art.
Children's French Book 7
Story 7
Pouce and Poucette go to the Luxembourg Gardens with their father, their baby sister, and their dog. They play in the playground and sail their little sailboats in the garden pond.
Children's French Book 8
Story 8
At the request of their mother, Pouce and Poucette are reluctantly getting ready to go to bed. They get undressed, wash up, and hop into bed, where their mother reads them a story.

Level One
Level Two
Combination Package

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