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We would like to express our delight with your French language program. Our two sons, ages 12 and 13, have been participating in this program for three weeks, listening to the tape once a day while following along with the book. We can see a huge difference with both children as their French progresses daily. Listening helps them to read along in the book visualizing the words and spelling out the words they are repeating. The Adventures of Pouce and Poucette make learning interesting because the stories are about different facets of their lives.

We have tried other language programs such as Berlitz, with little or no success. This program is so much more creative. My sons come home after school and look forward to their French lesson. We highly recommend this program regardless of the child’s age.

Michael Ellis, Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Thank you for your new language program, Les aventures de Pouce et Poucette. We bought it with no particular expectations and have found ourselves to be very pleasantly surprised at how simple and effective it is!

Our family is very interested in learning multiple languages, and we have tried almost every type of literature and class on the market. We immediately enjoyed your books because they were easy to start and interactive for the children. My children loved the songs right away. A few songs, a book and the magic wand became a quick bedtime ritual within a few days!

Children can tell your program was designed for them. The books and materials have a very appealing design and the music captures the simple joy of childhood. There is nothing intimidating about it!

Our family looks forward to completing your whole series. I have already recommended it to several friends.

Karla Gadicke, Brookline, MA

Congratulations! You have created a wonderful audio program that promotes learning while unleashing a child's imagination. The special touches – especially the magic wand and the music CDs (to which my daughter “dances in French”) – make the program a fun, daily learning experience. My daughter is captivated!

Gratefully, T.H., Belmont, MA

The books have helped me to help my children to learn. The magic wand is a great hit with both kids. My five-year old actually sits through a half-hour tape and enjoys it. The first time my two-year old heard the tape, she got on her knees for 15 minutes and listened with her mouth open. The CDs are fun to listen to in the car.

I think anybody who buys these tapes will have great success learning the language as long as they are willing to spend the time and energy to sit down and listen. Bravo for making this helpful tool accessible to all of us

Nora Zekis, Dover, MA

This French language program is a wonderful mix of story lines, vocabulary lessons and music. The playful approach to teaching with magic wand and coloring sheets makes a lesson interesting and fun for my three-year-old. The various topics (school, family, breakfast) help my child to focus by grouping words in subjects that she is very familiar with. We love it!

Mary Albanese, Boston, MA

We are so happy with the language program you developed for children. Alexander and I are using the French language program together. The storybooks and tapes are well paced and make it easy to follow along. The coloring pages, markers, flashcards, CDs and the magic wand creates fun with the lessons. Alexander loves to point the magic wand at the right word! Alexander really responds to hearing the narrator’s voice on the tapes with the children, Pouce and Poucette.

I think the program is a terrific opportunity to introduce French to any child. In fact, I think it is so great, I am giving it as gift to my friends to use with their children. Keep up the outstanding work.

Lynn Dayton, Chestnut Hill, MA

Les aventures de Pouce et Poucette is a marvelous creation for children to learn the French language. Our daughter loves it and is fascinated with all the audio CD's, audiocassettes, music CDs and especially the flashcards. It has become her favorite game to play.

The magic wand is also encouraging her to listen and point to the pictures in the book. We have fun doing a little bit of French together every day. Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool!

Susan Bonakdarpour, Brookline, MA

The Adventures of Pouce and Poucette are wonderful! Our four-year-old loves it so much, he wants to listen to the tapes and the CDs each day. The packaging is so well done and is so child-accessible that our son is inspired to use the materials. He identifies the French words and loves to wave the magic wand to point at the pictures in the book. He sings the songs with us and even our near two-year old daughter is picking up some of the French songs. It’s such a pleasure to see our children enjoy learning so much. Thank you so much for such a great program!

Bonnie Leighton, Newton, MA

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